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Fired-Up Clients

Rob Eagar is one of the rare consultants who has helped create three different genres of New York Times bestsellers, including new non-fiction, new fiction, and backlist non-fiction. Other results include helping business clients generate over $1,000,000 of new revenue, and reviving the success of non-profit clients through new branding campaigns, website makeovers, and marketing strategies.

Read testimonials below about Rob’s consulting work, watch videos from satisfied clients, view his client list, and review the following case studies:

Case Study 1: B-Level Author Transformed into a New York Times Bestseller

Case Study 2: Turning a 23-Year-Old Book into a New York Times Bestseller

Case Study 3: Novelist Makeover Helps Create Six New York Times Bestsellers

Case Study 4: Fresh New Look Revives a Struggling Non-Profit


“Rob Eagar provided me and my publishing team with several creative ideas to successfully launch my new book, The Five Languages of Appreciation in the Workplace (CBA bestseller). His insights helped improve the manuscript, build a stronger web presence, and position my book to generate powerful buzz among our target audience. I recommend Rob Eagar to any author or publisher looking to take their next book campaign to a higher level.”

Dr. Gary Chapman
#1 New York Times bestselling author of
The Five Love Languages


“Hiring Rob Eagar has been worth every penny invested. His involvement with building my new brand, enhancing my manuscript, improving my speaking presentations, and launching my new websites created these incredible results:

  • My books, Made to Crave and Unglued, hit the New York Times bestseller list.
  • My website traffic and social media followers tripled in 6 months.
  • My calendar filled with the most speaking engagements I’ve ever had.

I give Rob Eagar and Wildfire Marketing my highest recommendation.  If you want to increase book sales, grow your number of speaking engagements, and make both your written and spoken messages life-changing for your audience — make Rob the first person you hire.”

Lysa TerKeurst
New York Times bestselling author of
Made to Crave and Unglued


“Rob Eagar gets great results, plain and simple. His approach and focus work well together, and he strategically places the author in the right spaces. I’m very happy with what Rob did for me, and I highly recommend him.”

Dr. John Townsend
New York Times bestselling co-author of Boundaries
Founder, Townsend Leadership Institute


“I asked Rob Eagar to breathe more life into the sales of the successful book, Boundaries, written by my clients, Drs. Henry Cloud and John Townsend. After Rob worked with me and the publisher, HarperCollins Christian, the truly unexpected happened – Boundaries made the New York Times bestseller list for the first time in the book’s 23-year history! Sales and visibility increased, and we all are the beneficiaries of a lot of hard work by all involved. However, I’m convinced that we achieved these great results because of Rob and WildFire Marketing.”

Sealy Yates
Founder of Yates & Yates Literary Agency


“Rob Eagar’s expertise helped me develop a new brand, that not only reflects the way I feel when I write, but makes my readers ‘lose their heart in the Amish life’ when reading my novels. I also appreciate the effort Rob put into creating an exciting, new website for me. It was beyond my expectations and includes everything I asked for and more. Within the first month of launching my new website, I received the highest 30-day visitor traffic ever – a 66% increase over my previous best month! The excitement continues as my readers comment on how much they enjoy visiting the website and return to it again and again.”

Wanda Brunstetter
6-Time New York Times bestselling novelist


“Rob entered our offices and graciously took the bull by the horns. He was crystal clear on what we needed to do to increase our bandwidth and reach new partners. He was tough but it was well worth it. Over the weeks, we began to see results. Our team all caught the vision for creating value statements and began thinking like a marketer. In the end, we increased our sales, we’ve expanded our base of potential partners who want to work with us, and we had our best financial year yet. Thanks Rob for nudging us toward our potential.”

Dr. Tim Elmore
Founder and President


“Rob Eagar added so much to my new resource, Missing Pieces; Real Hope when Life Doesn’t Make Sense. Working with Rob resulted in a much stronger structure to my material and more powerful presentations. I appreciate how he took ownership and showed a true sense of responsibility in refining both my video messages and my written manuscript. Plus, we had tight deadlines and without his flexibility, the project would not have been completed. Rob’s creativity, insight, and professional demeanor made me grateful I chose to work with WildFire Marketing, and I highly recommend his services.”

Jennifer RothschildJennifer Rothschild
Author of 5 books, popular speaker, and featured TV guest on
Dr. Phil and Good Morning America


“Rob Eagar was referred to us by a friend who was familiar with his expertise and assured us that Rob knew his stuff. We were not disappointed. Rob improved our brand, developed a new state-of-the-art website, and shared new ways for using social media to introduce more people to our message. His marketing advice resulted in a significant increase in our book sales. We are pleased with his efforts and recommend his services.”

Elizabeth and Jim George
Bestselling authors of over 70 books
with more than 8 million copies sold


“Rob Eagar helped me turn a corner with my author platform. He gave me the tools to grow and provided important strategic thinking for the future. Rob delivered on every promise that he made. And, he was a strong advocate for me with my publisher. Having WildFire Marketing on my side made huge difference for me and my team.”

Gary Thomas
Bestselling author of Sacred Marriage


“Before working with WildFire Marketing, our website and overall brand lacked the professionalism and marketing elements necessary to gain credibility with a larger audience. Our homemade image was working against our desired growth plans. Rob Eagar and his team gave Lighthouse Network an incredible fresh new look and the modern promotional tools needed to grow our organization. They were creative, patient, and easy to work with. Right out of the gate, we’ve experienced an increase in website traffic and phone calls to our crisis helpline. We’re happy we chose to work with WildFire Marketing and highly recommend Rob and his marketing expertise.”

Dr. Karl Benzio
Founder of Lighthouse Network


“Rob Eagar helped our team learn how to more effectively put into words the value we offer to the schools and the organizations we support.  From day one, it felt like he was a part of our team and he continually demonstrated a strong commitment to our success. The coaching he gave to our team helped us achieve significant growth in our online presence and an increase in the number of partners we serve.  We have a more effective sales and marketing strategy because of his investment in Growing Leaders, and we are grateful for his involvement.”

Holly Moore
Vice President of Growing Leaders


“Rob Eagar ignites excellence in all areas of the marketing and promotional process.  From start to finish, Rob and Wildfire Marketing bring a fresh, innovative perspective coupled with a grounded wisdom and honest realism forged by his depth of experience as a world-class marketing expert.  This balance provides invaluable perspective for anyone wanting to blaze a path to new levels of success.  I recommend working with Rob with unreserved, whole-hearted enthusiasm!”

Dudley Delffs
President of Creative Fidelity
Former executive at Waterbrook and Zondervan publishers


“Rob Eagar has the energy, drive, and professional savvy to make a lasting impact upon any author’s career.  With a commitment to results, Rob will help you succeed by giving you solid business principles and proven marketing strategies that create a strong foundation for future growth.”

Bob Hawkins, Jr.
President, Harvest House Publishers


“We hired Rob Eagar to come alongside a first-time author to assist in positioning him and his product in the marketplace. Rob left no stone unturned. He made sure our author understood how to organize his book to maximize marketing and search hooks, how to appropriately promote the book during interviews, how to use video as a vehicle to teach and promote, and how to develop a website that would establish him as an authority on his subject. Rob built confidence and competence in our author in these areas and proved to be an invaluable resource for our publishing company.”

John Hinkley
Director of Marketing
Moody Publishers


“It was such a pleasure working with Rob Eagar! I knew from observing his work from afar that he was the person to help me. And I can tell you, I have not been disappointed. I learned so much practical information from Rob, in addition to being massively inspired by him. I definitely plan to use him again for future projects.”

Sarah Mae
Author of Desperate and Longing for Paris 


“Rob Eagar is an expert at helping authors build the kind of platforms they need to succeed in the ever-changing industry of publishing. The work that Rob has done for me and my authors has been an integral part of my book campaign’s success.”

Mike Salisbury
Literary Agent – Yates & Yates


“Before meeting Rob Eagar, I had an unproductive website, ineffective newsletters, and felt unprepared to promote my new book. But, working with Rob paid off big time! His instruction helped me sell 20,000 copies in the first year, land more speaking engagements at higher fees, double my newsletter signup rate, triple my website traffic, and capture media interviews on my own. The transformation Rob helped me experience has been amazing!”

Kathi Lipp
Author of “The Husband Project


“Rob Eagar’s pragmatic approach to book marketing is refreshing.  His results-driven training gives our authors the skills that help them sell more books through their media appearances and speaking engagements.  We believe so strongly in him that we have made his audio CD teaching resource available to all our new authors. And, we highly recommend his personal coaching services for authors that want to take their platform to the next level.”

Tim Peterson
Associate Publisher
David C. Cook Publishers


“We have loved working with Wildfire Marketing!  With Rob’s help, we launched a successful rebranding process that is more effectively reaching our target audience. His passion and knowledge has truly lit a wildfire of excitement in my staff.”

Jill Savage
President, Hearts at Home



“Working with Rob Eagar has been well-worth the investment! His marketing instruction helped me get real exposure for my books, such as:

  • Sent newsletters that led to a columnist position in a national woman’s magazine.
  • Improved my image with a new brand and attractive website.
  • Used radio and TV to drive hundreds of listeners to my books and website.
  • Built a new blog that averages over 2,500 unique visits per month.
  • Gained access to over 500 key leaders in my target audience.

Best of all, my new book sold over 20,000 copies in less than a year! Rob’s involvement has been a key factor in my success.”

Leslie Vernick, DCSW, LCSW
Author of “The Emotionally Destructive Relationship”


“Rob Eagar combines a passion for helping others with the expertise of a top-notch marketer who has achieved success in his own writing, publishing, and speaking.  I highly recommend Rob as someone who can help present your message in an effective way.”

David Gregory
New York Times bestselling author of Dinner with a Perfect Stranger



“Rob Eagar mentored me for six months. He really knows his stuff, and he helped me take my marketing, speaking, and branding to the next level. I can attest that I make much more money as a result of Rob’s tutelage. Plus, I’m more strategic as I promote myself, my message, and my books.”

Mary Demuth
Author of Watching the Tree Limbs – 2007 Christy Award Finalist


“Working with Rob Eagar truly surprised me. At every turn, my expectations were far exceeded. The gift that Wildfire Marketing has been to me is one of clarity, refinement, and strengthening my message, my value, and of the understanding of my audience. Rob was responsive, encouraging, and challenging throughout each aspect of working together. The personalized speech coaching that I received from Ashley and Rob was also invaluable. In my time-crunched world, Wildfire Marketing did for me in 6 months what would have taken me at least two years. It was certainly worth the money and time that I invested.”

Lisa Morrone
Physical therapist and author of 5 health books


“I’m extremely satisfied after working Rob Eagar and the WildFire Marketing Mentor Program. After speaking and writing professionally for over 10 years, I found myself struggling to expand my author platform and generate the desired level of income. But, Rob’s creativity and marketing insights gave me a new perspective which really improved my career.  He pushed me when I needed to be challenged, but supplied encouragement and wisdom throughout the process. It’s been a blessing to be a part of his Mentor Program for the last 12 months.  Now, I’ve got the skills and marketing platform to succeed as an author and speaker in the future.”

Dr. Johnny Parker
Author, leadership consultant, and international speaker


“Rob Eagar’s expertise was a ray of light shining through the cluttered opinions of how to promote a book. He helped me determine the most important marketing tasks and how to plan for the future. Most of all, Rob took a personal and sincere interest in my book’s message. Thanks Rob, lets do it again with my next book!”

Dr. Matthew Elliott
Author of “Feel” and “Faithful Feelings”