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Monday, December 1, 2014

Great Marketing Does Not Try to Please Everyone

In my book, Sell Your Book Like Wildfire, I discuss seven principles for building a great brand. One of the principles states:  Your brand must appeal primarily to people who have the decision-making power and money to work with you. If your brand appeals to leaders, then you’re on the right track. If not, then it will hinder your sales growth. Remember that your brand does NOT have to please everyone, including your friends, because your friends don’t hire you for major projects, bulk book purchases, speaking engagements, or business deals. However, I see too many authors, non-profits, and business leaders miss this principle and make the following marketing mistakes: 1. An unhealthy desire to please everyone prevents the … [Read more...]

Monday, November 24, 2014

Facebook Says: Show Me The Money

At the beginning of this year, Facebook made a change to their algorithm that significantly decreased the reach of a typical post.  For instance, if you had 1,000 fans, less than 200 would actually see your posts. Last week, Facebook announced that they will kick off 2015 with an even tighter squeeze on promotional posts that marketers send to their fans. In other words, if you want a promotional post to reach all of your fans, you’ve got to buy a Facebook ad in order to reach them. What was highway robbery has now turned to brash money-grabbing. Yet, Facebook can dictate the rules because they’ve amassed over 1 billion users and their stock price is at a high point. Facebook’s reasoning behind this change is that users were … [Read more...]

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