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Rob Eagar Explains How to Sell Books Like Wildfire

Welcome to the new era of publishing where anyone can write a book! Isn’t it great? The writing might be fun, but the fun stops when you realize that you’re competing against 300,000 other new books published each year.

Whether you’re a first-time author or an established bestseller, the challenge to attract more readers to your books is harder than ever before. How do you cut through all the noise and make your book stand out in the crowd? You must learn how to start a marketing wildfire.

Rob Eagar, founder of WildFire Marketing, has trained over 400 authors. His clients have produced eight New York Times bestsellers! Click here to read his case studies and success stories. Rob is one of the few authors to succeed in both the self-publishing and traditional-publishing arenas. So, he understands the challenges that any author faces.

Rob offers these options to help authors succeed:

This premium service is geared for serious authors seeking to reach the next level. Rob helps authors and publishers accomplish key goals, such as creating a bestseller marketing campaign, developing a new brand, building a killer website, improving public speaking skills, preparing for a media tour, developing viral word of mouth tools, and successfully launching new books.
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If you’re a first-time author or an up-and-coming writer who desires personal coaching on your book from a marketing expert, join Rob’s affordable Author Mentor Program (open only to traditionally-published authors).


Perfect for self-published and traditionally-published authors. Click here for details about Rob’s top-notch tutorials, templates, teleconference sessions, and audio instructional series. These affordable, downloadable products can be yours in minutes, so you can start applying Rob’s marketing expertise to your books today.


One Hour Consultation4. ONE-HOUR ANSWER SESSIONS:
Got burning questions about how to market your book better, improve your manuscript, or land a traditional publishing contract? Rob offers one-hour consulting sessions by phone for authors at any level. You ask…Rob answers! It’s that simple. Get his expert opinion on your situation. Click here for details.


Sell Your Book Like Wildfire5. READ ROB’S BOOK:
Rob’s book, “Sell Your Book Like Wildfire,” is widely regarded as the bible of book marketing. Click here to preview, purchase, and get bonus updates.


Click here for Rob’s library of free resources, including over 25 information-packed articles on a wide range of marketing topics.