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Does Your Selfless Non-Profit Use Selfish Marketing?

Marketing a non-profit can be a lot harder than most people estimate. You’re simultaneously trying to reach different audiences at the same time. For instance, you’re marketing to donors to raise more funding. You’re marketing to the general public to raise more awareness. You’re marketing to individuals to raise more volunteer support. You’re marketing new products or services to generate more revenue. It’s a lot to juggle, especially in a tough economic climate where donations are down, competition is fierce, and staff size has been slashed.

Rob Eagar has consulted with numerous non-profit organizations to help spread their message like wildfire. His client list includes respected names, such as Campus Crusade, Proverbs 31, Growing Leaders, Hearts at Home, Lighthouse Network, etc. Read a recent case study.

Despite the economy, people still give money to charities they respect. Funding is always available for organizations that produce tangible results. Plus, new tools are available to reach more people with less effort. Rob’s marketing expertise will help you:

  • Increase funding through donations, product sales, and grant support.
  • Tell compelling stories that raise greater awareness with the public.
  • Increase online and offline media exposure and web traffic.
  • Access new, untapped audiences with your message.

How can we help?

Rob Eagar provides the expertise to help your non-profit organization experience these dramatic results:

  • Improve your brand to clarify why the public should support your cause and charity.
  • Provide creative marketing strategy to reach a wider audience.
  • Strengthen website traffic, online marketing, and social media influence.
  • Empower members and donors to generate referrals and spread your message.
  • Turn key leaders into engaging public speakers and media representatives.
  • Perform marketing research to assess strengths and opportunities for growth.

Request Rob Eagar to help you spread your non-profit’s message like wildfire.
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