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Book Marketing Plan Templates

Book marketing templates designed to help you
sell novels or non-fiction like wildfire.

Book Marketing Plan Template

An author’s ability to market books effectively is one of the biggest factors to landing a traditional publishing contract or making money in self-publishing.

The problem is that most authors spend over 80% of their time writing a book but less than 20% preparing to market that book. Yet, it’s the marketing part that usually determines whether or not a book ever gets published. Publishers gravitate to books that they believe will sell in the marketplace. How do you convince them that your book is worth the financial risk? Show a solid book marketing plan.

Rob Eagar has coached over 400 authors at all levels, including several New York Times bestsellers. In addition, he’s secured multiple book contracts for himself. So, he knows what it takes to gain a publisher’s attention. They want to see real numbers describing how many copies you can sell and how you’ll minimize the risk they take to publish your book. This means you need to go beyond the standard book proposal.

Create a well-crafted book marketing plan that shows the details of your platform and your ability to promote effectively. Demonstrate in writing how you can help sell a lot of copies on your own. Publishers who see this information are more likely to offer you a contract, and even better, devote more marketing resources to support your book.

Book Marketing PlanRob’s downloadable, 4-page, template serves as your expert guide to create a successful book marketing plan.  (Separate versions for fiction and non-fiction are available.) His template is an editable format as a Word document that walks you step-by-step through each part of the process. When you’re done, you’ll have a professional-quality, book marketing plan for personal use and to accompany discussions with a literary agent or publisher.

Rob’s book marketing plan templates will help you:

  1. Distinguish specific groups of readers most likely to buy your book.
  2. Understand your competition and the advantages your book offers.
  3. Prove that you’re a financial asset to a publisher, rather than a risk.
  4. Clarify hooks that capture attention of the media and reviewers.
  5. Create an effective plan that keeps you focused on success.

Get your “Book Marketing Plan Template for Authors” today. These 4-page guides provide the spark to help you sell non-fiction or novels like wildfire!


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