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Speaking Topics and Schedule

Rob Eagar offers powerful keynote presentations and workshops for a wide range of events, including publishing conferences, industry trade associations, and staff training on marketing topics to organizations. His experience includes presenting at O’Reilly’s Tools of Change, Digital Book World, Writer’s Digest, ECPA, and many more.

To request Rob for a speaking engagement, call 1-800-267-2045.

Audio Speaking Sample:

2015 Upcoming Events:

May 5-6: ECPA Executive Leadership Summit

October 15-17: Allume Conference


Speaking Topics

Marketing for the Promotionally-Challenged Author
Are you an author who is afraid to promote yourself? Do you think marketing is a waste of time? Or, do you want to market but feel clueless about the process? Have no fear. Rob Eagar, marketing expert and author of the book, “Sell Books Like Wildfire,” will explain how to get over your insecurities and transform apprehension into positive action. Rob has worked with over 400 authors, including first-time writers and several New York Times bestsellers. His presentation will provide numerous insights to help you:

  • Heighten the confidence to market your message.
  • Build a memorable brand.
  • Grow your author platform.
  • Increase your book sales.

Give It Away: How Free Digital Content Creates Paid Sales
Many individuals and organizations still define marketing as expensive advertising, publicity campaigns, booksigning tours, and retailer co-op arrangements. Yet, what if you could increase sales without spending a dime? Using case studies from his consulting work with non-profits and recent New York Times bestsellers, Rob shows how to use the power of free digital resources to increase paid revenue. His approach costs nothing to create, nothing to implement, and nothing to spread word of mouth.

Marketing for More Bookings
Every author and speaker wishes their phone would ring off the hook with speaking requests. But, how do you generate consistent bookings for your message throughout the year? In this workshop, Rob Eagar explains how to implement marketing strategies that will help you obtain more bookings. You will learn how to:

  • Make your message stand out from the crowd.
  • Understand how the booking process can work in your favor.
  • Generate steady referrals.
  • Create effective newsletters that produce speaking inquiries.
  • Maximize your speaking demo to get booked.

Turn Media Interviews into Book Sales
As an author, do you dream of getting that big media interview on national radio or TV and watching your book skyrocket onto the bestseller lists? That’s a nice dream, but let’s be real. How many times do you conduct an interview that never goes anywhere? No boost in book sales…no major website hits…no speaking inquiries…nothing happens. In this session, Rob talks about how you can use media interviews to sell more books and build your author platform. Here’s a sample of what you will learn:

  • How to prepare for an interview.
  • How to set proper goals and determine real results from your interview.
  • How to control an interview – even with a difficult host.
  • Specific techniques to help your interview boost your book sales.
  • A secret that most interview hosts don’t want you to know.

The Secret to Marketing Your Message
Many authors feel uncomfortable telling people about their books. But, this lack of confidence poses a burden to book sales and the growth of a writer’s career. So, what’s the secret to sharing your message with dignity and excitement? Rob Eagar shares a unique perspective that has helped over 400 authors transform their book marketing.

Amplify Your Author Platform
Publishers, literary agents, and authors are obsessed with the industry term “platform.” Yet, few people really understand what it means. Rob Eagar explains what a true “platform” represents and explains how to make yours grow. Learn new techniques that you can apply as Rob shares success stories from several of his author clients.