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Wednesday, April 16, 2014

How to Catch the Big Fish


I just celebrated my birthday and received one of the best presents ever. I went fly-fishing and caught a giant 8.5-pound rainbow trout. Landing that fish and holding it was the experience of a lifetime. To me, there's something surreal and invigorating about fly-fishing. However, catching trout is no easy task. They're smart, skeptical, and elusive. In fact, there are a lot of similarities between the challenge of fly-fishing and the challenge of marketing: 1. You must offer tangible value. If you want to catch fish, you've got to present an offer that meets their interests. The flies I cast in the Spring generally don't work well in the Fall, because different insects hatch at different times of year. I have to figure out what the … [Read more...]

Monday, April 7, 2014

How to Create a Marketing Wildfire

How to Create a Marketing Wildfire

Last month, I was honored to present a live webinar with Soundview Executive Book Summaries to hundreds of authors and business executives around the world on the topic of “How to Create a Marketing Wildfire.” The purpose of my webinar was to help listeners: Develop marketing language that influences people to purchase. Build an army of “word of mouth warriors.” Create inexpensive tools that overcome people’s natural skepticism. Refuel your ability to market with confidence and enthusiasm. This lively one-hour webinar allowed me to teach critical marketing concepts in deep detail. Plus, I was able to take a few questions from the audience at the end. Soundview kindly allowed me permission to post this webinar on … [Read more...]

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Rob Eagar launches "Advanced Book Marketing for Authors" Audio Teaching Series
This audio teaching series offers 10 one-hour sessions recorded by Rob on essential book marketing issues that are critical to an author's success. For details and pricing: click here.

WildFire Marketing Launches New Website for the Bestselling "Boundaries" Book Series
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