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Monday, October 20, 2014

The Four Types of Authors in the World


After consulting with over 400 authors, I've found that there are only four types of authors in the world. Just four. And you can classify any author into one of four groups by using two criteria: 1) the author’s level of marketing effort and 2) their book sales history. Marketing effort is the measure of an author’s willingness to invest their time and energy to create a compelling manuscript and conduct effective book promotion tactics. Sales history is a measure of whether enough books were sold to meet or miss the publisher’s anticipated estimates. When you put these two criteria on an X and Y axis, you get four quadrants that define any author: Successful Authors, Unsuccessful Authors, Dead Authors, and Authors Who Play … [Read more...]

Sunday, October 5, 2014

How to Sell 8 Million Novels

This week, I’m highlighting the success of WildFire Marketing client, Wanda Brunstetter. Wanda is a prolific novelist whose book sales just surpassed the 8 million mark! In addition, she has sold over 1 million copies per year for the past two years in a row. Wanda found her niche writing stories about the Amish culture and has succeeded way beyond anyone’s expectations. Congratulations to Wanda on reaching such an incredible milestone. In 2011, I worked with Wanda to help her build a new brand, author website, and online audience. Since then, she went on to hit the New York Times fiction bestseller list six times in a row. Her book sales show no signs of slowing down. Here are three reasons why I think Wanda’s been so … [Read more...]

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