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Monday, July 28, 2014

The Blind Leading the Gullible

None of us can go through life without needing the help of other people. Life is too complex to learn everything we need to know on our own. That's why teachers, coaches, consultants, advisors, mentors, and experts exist. But, problems can occur when we accept the advice of others who aren't qualified to give instruction. You may be familiar with the phrases: "Don't take financial advice from a broke person." "Don't take ski lessons from an instructor who's just trying to pick up ski bunnies." As I work with authors, non-profits, and businesses, I see a lot of bad advice given and accepted. I hear keynote speakers make brazen claims at conferences. I see misconceptions perpetuated all over the Internet. Worse, I hear horror stories … [Read more...]

Sunday, July 20, 2014

17 Tips for Better Writing


I’ve written two successful books and coached dozens of authors how to write a manuscript and develop a new book. Here are some writing tips I’ve used with clients that you might find helpful: Getting Started: Schedule your writing in blocks of time. Write about anything to get started. Focus on what interests you the most. A strong opening is the key to grab the reader's attention. Start with your experience first. What's in your frame of reference? Don't lose momentum when you write. If it's flowing, keep going! Write your primary teaching points first and add illustrations later. Pretend that you're having a conversation with one person. Staying Focused Through the Process: Create an outline and refer to it … [Read more...]

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Rob Eagar launches "Advanced Book Marketing for Authors" Audio Teaching Series
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WildFire Marketing Launches New Website for the Bestselling "Boundaries" Book Series
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