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Monday, November 23, 2015

How to Create Effective Case Studies


In last week's post, I explained why case studies are the ultimate weapon in your marketing arsenal. That’s because nothing you can say about yourself is more powerful than what happy customers, donors, or readers say about you. Let other people sing your praises and build your credibility. To be clear, a marketing case study is NOT: A testimonial or endorsement A list of your past clients A description of the services you offer Instead, a marketing case study IS a before-and-after story detailing how you created positive results for a customer, donor, or reader. The easiest way to create an effective case study is to use the following format with these four section … [Read more...]

Monday, November 16, 2015

The Ultimate Marketing Weapon: Convincing Case Studies

Case studies

There is no better weapon in your marketing arsenal than a convincing case study. Here’s an example. Earlier this year, I helped a publishing client revive consumer interest in a 23-year-old backlist book. Our efforts were so successful that the book made the New York Times bestseller list for the first time in the book’s history. This success was major news, because it’s rare for an old book to make the bestseller lists after being years in publication. Afterwards, I gave a presentation on this success story to a roomful of executives at a publishing conference. Within two weeks afterwards, three companies approached me for high-profile consulting projects. Their mindset was, “If you can do that for your client, maybe you can do … [Read more...]

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