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Is Your Marketing Missing the Obvious?


Recently, my wife and I took care of our two little nieces, ages 3 and 6, while their parents went on a trip overseas. Since I consult a lot in the publishing industry, it’s fun to give them books and read story time together before bed. Inevitably, one of my nieces will ask a serious, but humorous, question that identifies the obvious, such as: Uncle Rob, why is your face so scratchy? Because I have a beard with whiskers… Uncle Rob, why do you get more cookies than me? Because I have a bigger tummy… Uncle Rob, how come I have to wear a shirt at the swimming pool, but you don’t? Because…err, let’s change the subject. Oh, look at that bird over there! I love how young children have the ability to see obvious issues and … [Read more...]

Don’t Trip at the Finish Line


Recently, some guy who bills himself as a fancy consultant purchased one of my downloadable teaching resources on my website. Two days after he purchased, I received an email from him asking for a full refund claiming that he “didn't find enough new ideas to justify the cost.” Since I offer a money-back guarantee on my products, I have no problem giving refunds. But, I always chuckle when people make audacious requests and claim to know it all. When I visited the website of “Mr. Refund Requester,” I found it hard to believe that he would have a corner on the market of great ideas. His website was boring and outdated. He didn’t offer any testimonials, case studies, or endorsements from happy clients. There were no free resources … [Read more...]

Waiting for Lightning to Strike


Natural wildfires are created by rare, catastrophic events, such as a lightning strike or a volcano eruption. You can’t plan or prepare for these occurrences. They tend to happen beyond our control. In the publishing world, a naturally-started wildfire would be like a lightning strike, such as Oprah selecting your book for her famous book club, landing a guest spot on Good Morning America, or getting a random endorsement from the President of the United States. It’s rare, but it occasionally happens. Yet, there’s little you can do to control the process. Unfortunately, some authors concentrate on trying to make this phenomenon happen. They hope, they pray, they read their horoscopes, but they wind-up doing little to market their … [Read more...]

How to Create Killer a Title That People Will Read

If you're trying to attract a larger audience, you have to get people's attention in the first place. Thus, learning how to create a killer title is crucial to marketing success. Boring titles cause prospective readers, customers, and donors to lose interest. Whereas, compelling titles intensify a person's curiosity so that they want to read your book, free resource, or non-profit story. As a marketing consultant, I’m frequently asked by clients to help them create powerful titles for books, newsletters, freemiums, etc. Examples of successful titles include: Why Smart People Accept Unacceptable Behavior Made to Crave 5 Ways to Cure the Cool Kid Curse The Secret to Changing Your Spouse Get Unstuck, Be Unstoppable 12 Huge … [Read more...]

How to Tell If Your Speech is Really Good


Let’s assume you just finished a speech and walked off the stage to a standing ovation. You’re feeling pretty good about your presentation. Afterwards, you stand around shaking hands and several people mention how much they enjoyed your talk. But, are their positive comments an accurate indicator of your skill level? The fact is that every speaker gets told they’re the best speaker ever. And, most audience members aren’t going to share negative feedback. So, do audience compliments really tell you if you’re any good? Let’s look at three ways to know if your speech is great: 1. The leader who booked you invites you back. Most leaders are looking for effective, results-based speakers they can trust to attract a crowd and … [Read more...]