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Rob Eagar is the founder of WildFire Marketing, a consulting practice that helps authors, businesses, and non-profit organizations spread their message like wildfire. He has consulted with numerous publishing houses, non-profits, and trained over 400 authors, including several New York Times bestsellers. Rob is the author of "Sell Your Book Like Wildfire," which is considered the bible of book marketing. Find out more at: WildFire Marketing. You can follow Rob on Twitter and connect with him at: Google+ or email at: Rob@StartaWildFire.com.

Facebook Says: Show Me The Money

At the beginning of this year, Facebook made a change to their algorithm that significantly decreased the reach of a typical post.  For instance, if you had 1,000 fans, less than 200 would actually see your posts. Last week, Facebook announced that they will kick off 2015 with an even tighter squeeze on promotional posts that marketers send to their fans. In other words, if you want a promotional post to reach all of your fans, you’ve got to buy a Facebook ad in order to reach them. What was highway robbery has now turned to brash money-grabbing. Yet, Facebook can dictate the rules because they’ve amassed over 1 billion users and their stock price is at a high point. Facebook’s reasoning behind this change is that users were … [Read more...]

The 4 Types of Authors: Part 5 – Authors Who Play Dead


My previous post explained how there are only four types of authors in the world, and we looked at the strange, but successful, group known as the Dead Author category. These authors are able to sell books without giving any personal marketing effort because they’re…dead. That may seem strange, but there’s an even stranger kind of author – the living dead. I call them Authors Who Play Dead, and they are the scariest group of the four categories. Authors who play dead can also be classified as “zombie writers.” They aren’t dead, but they walk around lifeless, groaning, and suck the life out of a publishing house. These authors “play dead” because they refuse to give marketing effort, act apathetic towards promoting their … [Read more...]

4 Types of Authors in the World: Part 4 – Dead Authors


My previous post explained how there are only four types of authors in the world, and we looked at the issues that plague the Unsuccessful Author category. This post focuses on the category that many people forget exists, Dead Authors. This unique group shows how success isn’t just limited to the land of the living. Dead authors are writers who are, well, dead. They no longer write books and don’t do any marketing. They can’t conduct media interviews, schedule booksignings, or post on Facebook. They are departed. Yet, their books keep selling at levels near to or greater than when they were alive. Their books can range from small niche titles to classic backlist books that withstand the test of time and have an evergreen audience. … [Read more...]

4 Types of Authors in the World: Part 3 – Unsuccessful Authors


My previous post explained how there are only four types of authors in the world, and we discussed why successful authors are rare and what makes them tick. In this post, let’s flip the focus to those who don’t sell many books, the causes of their frustration, and some solutions that can be applied. Unsuccessful authors are characterized by high effort that doesn’t produce results and falls short of sales expectations. They work hard, but not smart. For example, they may try all sorts of marketing activities, but they don’t execute them effectively. So, their attempts to build a larger following of readers fizzles out. A typical refrain is, “I tried marketing, but it didn’t work.” Marketing isn’t the problem. … [Read more...]

4 Types of Authors in the World: Part 2 – Successful Authors


In my previous post, I explained how there are only four types of authors in the world. They can be classified into these categories: Successful Authors, Unsuccessful Authors, Dead Authors, and Authors Who Play Dead. When publishers correctly identify where an author belongs, they’re better able to develop a promotional strategy that meets their sales expectations. In this post, I want to address the specific strengths and challenges that successful authors bring to the table. The Successful Author category is defined by new and established authors who exhibit high marketing effort and exceed sales expectations. Their books generate most of a publishing house’s profits through strong-selling frontlist titles or evergreen backlist … [Read more...]